Ladies Night -25/05/19

Dear Ladies!

It will be ONLY an evening for Women. Well, maybe except the event service :-P


Especially for women:

* Striptease performance - two men from Butler Boyz will come to the party. It will be hot!

* Hussar Events will provide a musical setting. Depending on your tastes, will play music from the genres Pop, Dance, Club, Lat 70, 80, 90 and Disco-Polo.

* Karaoke - for all interested Ladies, you will be able to take part in the Karaoke. We have hundreds of songs with a professional soundtrack in both Polish and English. All are available here: :)


In addition to the above attractions, BAR and Restaurant will be available - detailed information can be found here ->


Tickets in person £15

Online £16.50 On the door £18 (if any left)  


Age 18+ (Yes, we will check at the entrance so please bring a document confirming your age with you!) Saturday 25 May 2019, 20: 00-01: 00 QUANTITY OF TICKETS LIMITED!


Tickets can be purchased in person. To do this, please call or text:

Pawel Labaj 07731913873

Kasia Labaj 07902719384

Marek Domański 07980649589


If there will be some tickets on the day of the event, we will sell on the spot. However, due to the high demand, we CAN NOT GUARANTEE THEM!


Do not forget to share events and invite your friends ;)


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